Daisies and Lace

Daisies and Lace
A Hobnobbin' Original size 4

Beautiful daisies on sky blue background make this dress so bright and cheery. The skirt is a full circle for lots of twirl. The underskirt is trimmed with 8 inch wide white tulle lace. This lace is soft not scratchy. Daisies trim the front of the waist for an added dainty look. In the back, there is a sash that ties into a big bow. This dress is fully lined in pale blue. Very soft and comfortable.

All seams are surged for a professional finish. Very easy on and off with the long back zipper.

All Hobnobbin' Originals are created with great care. This is a One of a Kind dress.

This dress is absolutely beautiful! Daisies and Lace make this an extra frilly, fancy dress. Great for a special occassion or for that perfect portrait.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Still Learning

Another week of learning more about of networking has been very busy. I have met a lot of new people who are online sellers. The people I have met sell a variety of items. One person who has been helping me learn more about networking makes beautiful jewelry.
I am really enjoying learning as I go. I know that there are many people who have switched to online shopping. The price of gas is probably one reason. However, I feel that some people would just rather shop in the convenience of their own home instead of fighting the crowds and traffic. I am one of those people. I know that I am not the ONLY one!

Hopefully, my little girls dresses will eventually find a place on the internet. I know that if I get a few people to buy them, then word of mouth will drive my sales.

I am truly looking forward to that day. There is a day coming when I will have to turn down orders because I have more than I can handle.

Great luck to all who are attempting to do the same as I.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just a Little Background

I first learned about sewing by helping someone make quilt blocks when I was just 12. I only took one Home Ec class and made one dress. I did not sew much more until I was 20. The rest of my sewing education was while working for a sewing factory. I worked for a place in Oklahoma that made "Martha Miniatures" and other dresses for little girls. That is where I fell in love with all the ruffles and frills. I eventually worked for several sewing factories. Even though it was tough work, I learned a lot about sewing.

When my children were little, I made most of their clothes as well as my own. I have made several unusual items such as: a wild tuxedo for my husband when he was "Jeepers the Magical Clown" and my own clowning dress for "Sparkles".

Monday, August 4, 2008

Just Getting Started

Hello to all who read this.

Let me introduce myself. I am the owner/creator at JB Design Boutique where I make "frilly dresses for fancy girls" which I call Hobnobbin' Originals. I have over 20 years sewing experience and truly enjoy sewing. Each creation presents it's own challenge as well as pleasure. I always wanted to dress my daughter is ruffles and ribbons and lace; however I was not able to do so. Now I enjoy sewing for others and seeing their daughters get all dressed up. What a joy it is to see the little girl smile with twinkles in her eyes. And of course, I love to see Mom looking so proud at her darling little princess all dressed up.

Definition of hobnobbing: 1) to come or be together as friends "those two have been hobnobbing together since the first grade" 2) to take part in social activities < hobnobbing with the rich and famous

Currently, I am selling my Hobnobbin'Originals at Etsy http://Hobnobbins.etsy.com I plan to also create totes and possibly hats to go along with my dresses. I also make two-piece outfits.

I am also a member of the yahoo group Esmarts. eSMArts@yahoogroups.com
This is a wonderful group of very creative people. Here are a few links to some of the members. You should check them out.