Daisies and Lace

Daisies and Lace
A Hobnobbin' Original size 4

Beautiful daisies on sky blue background make this dress so bright and cheery. The skirt is a full circle for lots of twirl. The underskirt is trimmed with 8 inch wide white tulle lace. This lace is soft not scratchy. Daisies trim the front of the waist for an added dainty look. In the back, there is a sash that ties into a big bow. This dress is fully lined in pale blue. Very soft and comfortable.

All seams are surged for a professional finish. Very easy on and off with the long back zipper.

All Hobnobbin' Originals are created with great care. This is a One of a Kind dress.

This dress is absolutely beautiful! Daisies and Lace make this an extra frilly, fancy dress. Great for a special occassion or for that perfect portrait.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Consider Those Who Serve

As stated in my profile, I am a fast food manager. I have been in this type of management for 18 years. Do I have stories to tell!?! However, today I would like to address the most current problem with customers.

Customers expect and deserve fast, friendly service and most places try to deliver that kind of service. What customers should realize is that a cell phone conversation can wait! People pull up to a drive thru order speaker and then call co-workers, family, etc. to find out what they want to order. Often they have to read half the menu to the person on the phone. Meanwhile four more customers wait in line behind them. Then they pull up to the window. The cashier says "how are you today, you had blah, $$ please." The customer, still on the phone, digs through their purse for money. More customers line up behind them. On top of all of that, they never even acknowledge the cashier. These same customers want and deserve the same fast, friendly service as do all customers, but they are the reason for many slow service complaints.

It would be so nice if people called to get orders from people BEFORE they get in line. It would also be nice for them to at least ask the person on the other end of the call to hold a moment while they paid for and received their order.

We have evolved into a "want it now" generation. Yet we are often the reason for longer waits. People have forgotten how to be polite to those who serve. People have developed the idea that service people are here to serve "ME NOW" and no one else matters.

If you don't agree with this idea, let me give you a few other examples. Take road rage for instance. Attitude: "where I need to go, is more important than where you need to go." Take grocery store lines. Attitude: "I deserve to be first."
We have become so impatient and selfish. What ever happened to the "golden rule"?
What has happened to "please" and "thank you"? People all but demand it from service workers, but fail to realize that a service person likes to be treated with respect and courtesy too.

So think about it next time you have the urge to be "too important". Take time to be kind. Kindness goes a long way. I try to teach my cashiers to give a smile to every customer because that may be the only smile they get that day. How about you?
Give a smile today and please consider those who serve you. Please be kind.


Barbara Merwin said...

All of this is so very true. Too many people are simply too rude in how they treat workers in many places, workers that may only be making minimum wage, etc. Thanks for addressing this issue. Ken Merwin

Van Stewart Bevil said...

Fianally someone has addressed the issue of cell phone rudeness!! Good job Joyce.

A Beaded Affair said...

How on earth did we live without talking to someone every waking moment. Cell phones are an evil invention. lol. That said, yes I have one, yes I use one and I have never gone over my minutes. Rudeness, not just with cell phones seems to be the accepted norm today. So sad.

Dani said...

Hi~! I wanted to thank you for your nice comment on my blog. I also noticed I did not have a link on my blog to yours so I added it!
I so agree with you about the epidemic of rudeness in our society. One ounce of respect would result in a ton of appreciation. Have a wonderful day! Dani

Anonymous said...

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